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Samuel Junghenn
is a serial entrepreneur with a burning passion for online marketing. Specifically “integrated marketing” because of the massive leverage you gain through combining mediums at a deep level.

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Jul. 11, 2017 / Mindset
The level of success which multi-millionaires and billionaires enjoy leaves other business owners, who work just as hard, frustrated. They’re curious and eager to find out exactly how these leaders are able to achieve a different result!…
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It always amuses me how just how many people get price and value mixed up…    They think cheap is equal to value and automatically go for the option with the lowest price tag, when the truth there is NO CORRELATION BETWEEN PRICE AND…
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Aug. 12, 2014 / Mindset
Over the years I have noticed (as you probably have) that nearly every single person that seems to “have it all” has something in common.   This thing is NOT that they are better looking, have a high IQ, were born into money and they…
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Jul. 16, 2014 / Entrepreneurial / Mindset
If you are on a quest to be someone, to do something, and to make the most with your life, remember there will always be others that try and pull you down and stop you from becoming what you truly want to be. This could come in the form of put…
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If you are running or thinking of running any sort of paid advertising to your website you need to watch this video, because it can be the difference between a winning and a losing campaign.   Get The Free Trial Here >>> visualoptimize.com
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Jan. 29, 2014 / Entrepreneurial / Marketing
Many businesses struggle to attract new clients even though they invest more money in advertising. Why? Well, have you ever tried sticking an elephant down a drainpipe? If you have, you are not alone. At a guess I would say around 90% of…
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As another year comes to a close, it’s the perfect time to reflect.   Upon all those things that we’ve done and accomplished, amongst those that we regret.   With up’s and down’s that we all can’t avoid, in this magic game…
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As most of my readers will know, I invest heavily in my education every year. This year $5,500 of my annual learning budget was put towards hanging out in a small mastermind, with some of the worlds best marketers for a couple days. There were…
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Oct. 22, 2013 / Entrepreneurial / Marketing / Mindset
I recently had a discussion with my staff at Think Big Online about the fact; there is no value in them working longer hours. …And there is no value in them working harder. Ahhh… “I get it” you say. The value is in them working…
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Oct. 15, 2013 / Mindset
Every artist has it… Every athlete has it… Every world leader has it… And every single entrepreneur has it…   Even just for a split second…   That little voice in our head. That moment of doubt. That feeling of “it’s not…
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Oct. 8, 2013 / Entrepreneurial / Mindset
Think about it for a moment; you use 80% of your carpet 20% or the time and 20%, 80% of the time.   You wear 80% of your clothes 20% of the time and 20% of your clothes 80% of the time.   This same princliple applies to everything in…
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Jun. 18, 2013 / Entrepreneurial / Mindset
Have you ever asked yourself “Why do some people become successful very quickly while I have been working my guts out for years?”   It seems like some people just “get lucky” or “they’re in the right place at the right…
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Jun. 11, 2013 / Entrepreneurial / Marketing
A few weeks ago a friend of mine came to me with a terrible problem, and one that most Australian’s wish they had. Now I can’t give out his real name for privacy, so let’s call him Dan for now. Dan called me early in the morning on a…
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